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The Barricaded Strip Mall is one of the seven home sites located in Drucker County. It is the largest base of the map, located in Mathilda, on the northern part of the map.

"A walled-in set of shops with plenty of usable space. If we have time to tear down or refit some of this stuff, there's a lot of salvageable value in the wide array of stores here."


The base has 16 facility slots in total: 4 small outdoor, 9 small indoor, and 3 large slots.

Built-In Facilities

Open Slots

  • 1x Small Outdoor Slot
  • 3x Large Slots


Default Layout of Barricaded Strip Mall

The Barricaded Strip Mall is a row of 6 adjacent stores. You can even go through them without leaving the building.

Since how massive the Strip Mall is, only the storefronts and the back entrances had to be fortified. Infront of the stores there's a huge open space providing plenty of room for facilities. This open space and the storefronts are built around by a half concrete, half makeshift wall. The previous residents probably tried to make proper defenses but had to finish fortications in a haste. There are 3 entrances on it: one in the front and one on both sides.

Every store has its own service door in the back, however four out of the six are blocked. The remaining two are walled off by a smaller concrete wall with iron bars and spikes on top to prevent zeds from climbing it. It has an iron gate, allowing you to enter the base from the back as well. You can also access the Strip Mall's roof by 3 ladders: one infront of the Art Gallery, one between the two service doors in the back, and one on the side by the Urgent Care. The Storage, the small outdoor slot, and the three large slots are infront of the strip mall. The Locker is also here, infront of the Art Gallery.

Indoors you'll find the High-End Kitchen, the Laundromat, the Command Center, the Sheltered Beds 2, the Tae-Kwon-Do Gym, the Employee Bathroom, the Liquor Store, and the Urgent Care. Physically the High-End Kitchen is in the back of the diner, however it can be accessed in person from the seating area in the front. Same applies to the Urgent Care - while the treatment beds are in the back, in person the facility can be accessed from the waiting room. The Employee Bathroom is actually located in the corridor behind the Art Gallery and the Tae-Kwon-Do Gym.

The base has 3 Parking spots: Two by the front entrance and the third by the side entrance on the south.


  • 8 Survivors
  • 3500 Influence (1750 in Green Zone)

Trivia & Notes

  • The Command Center in this base gets a passive bonus called Art Gallery in Command Center, providing +3 Morale for your community. With Knowledge of the Arts the bonus becomes +10.
  • Since Update 29.1, Zeds are no longer able to get through the windows of the Urgent Care's waiting room with the addition of several metal bars blocking them from entering.