State of Decay 2 Wiki

The Bridge Fort is one of seven homesites located in Cascade Hills. It is the small base of this map, located in Morgan's Landing, on the southern part of the map.

"Someone put a lot of work into turning this old railway bridge into a veritable fortress! There isn't a lot living space, but it has great chokepoints and a commanding view of its surroundings. Very defensible."


The base has 12 facility slots in total: 7 small outdoor, 4 small indoor, and 1 large slot.

Built-in Facilities

Open Slots

  • 1x Small Indoor Slot
  • 2x Small Outdoor Slots
  • 1x Large Slot


Default Layout of Bridge Fort

The Bridge Fort is an old railway bridge turned into a base.

Since we're talking about a bridge, the base can only be entered from the two ends of it. There's only a singe door on both sides, creating well-defensible chokepoint when defending during a zombie siege. It's a two-edged sword though - if you can't defend your entrances, things will turn into a close quarters battle arena.

The base has 2 floors. The entrances will lead you to the lower floor where you can find a clearable Sheltered Beds, two small outdoor slots, the Storage, and a small indoor slot. The Locker is also located here, in the middle. The upper floor can only be accessed via ladders - one on each end of the base. Here you'll find the Western Watchpost, the Command Center, a large slot, and the Eastern Watchpost.

The base also has 3 parking spots. One of them is located on the western end of the bridge, while the other two are on the eastern end.


  • 4 Survivors
  • 500 Influence (250 in Green Zone)

Trivia & Notes

  • Hordes often cross the road bridge next to the base. If you have spare ammunition the base is a good spot to snipe zombies and train your shooting skills.
  • Zombies might spawn underneath the base during the night. Doing something noisy at base can bring them knocking.
  • Unless you have a big community, all of your survivors will probably hang around the Watchposts, leaving the lower floor undefended in case of a breach.
  • When entering the game or switching survivors at home, you might find yourself in the river below.