Map of Cascade Hills

Map of Cascade Hills

Cascade Hills is one of the three main maps in the campaign of State of Decay 2, alongside Drucker County and Meagher Valley.


Current Conditions Edit

Out of all three locations, Cascade Hills seems to have been hit the hardest. In addition to dozens of vehicle wrecks and abandoned buildings, the presence of makeshift Home Sites (such as the container fort and the bridge fort) suggest that conditions in the foothills are far more apocalyptic than those of Meagher Valley and Drucker County.

Locations Edit

  • Babbage Pass
  • Crocker's Corner
  • Crossroads
  • Ditchwater
  • Eastman Heights
  • Faraday
  • Farisborough
  • Franklin Valley
  • Gatling Gulch
  • Lowl
  • Lymestone
  • Morgan's Landing
  • Talbot Park
  • Welton Divide

In addition, Cascade Hills contains 8-12 Plague Hearts and 16 Survey Points.

Home SitesEdit

  • Justineau House - Starter home for the map, located on the east side of the map.
  • Bridge Fort - An old train track bridge turned fort, located on top of the east river.
  • Corner Office - An old office centrally located in the town of Lowl.
  • Church on the Hill - An old church atop a hill looking over the town of Lowl and the surrounding county.
  • Mohr and Mohr Distributing - An distributing centre turned homesite, located in the northeast.
  • Loch and Keogh Self Storage - A self-storage site located in the northwest town.
  • Container Fort - A old shipping yard turned fort by preppers, located in the southwest town of Lymstone.

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