State of Decay 2 Wiki

In State of Decay 2 every community member has a standing. It represents the amount of contribution you made with the given survivor for the survival of the community.

Community Standings

When you check your survivors' details on the community screen you'll see a section called Standing. Here you can see the survivors' current community standing, Hero Bonus and Leader type.

There are 4 different community standings in the game. From lowest to highest these are the following:

  • Recruit
  • Citizen
  • Hero
  • Leader

You can improve your survivors' standing by doing certain activities which reward you with Influence, like completing missions, killing freaks, destroying plague hearts, etc., however trading won't count.

Your survivors' standing will never decay. The only way they can lose ranks is through leader demotion (more info on that below).

Note: Some Traits and Quirk Skills affect the survivors' Standing Rewards. Those with bonuses will progress faster, while others with penalties will take more effort to increase their standing.


People don't really know me yet, but they will.

The lowest community standing. If you recruit a new survivor, they'll become a recruit. The Hero Bonus of these survivors is hidden until you make them a citizen.

On the Community screen your Recruits stand in the back.


This community has become my home.

When your survivor is a citizen you'll be able to see what Hero Bonus they'll provide when they become a Hero.

On the Community screen your Citizens stand one step ahead of the Recruits.


People really seem to listen to my ideas.

Hero is the highest standing that your survivors can achieve by the contribution mentioned previously. Heroes provide the group with their own Hero Bonus from which every community member benefits. In case multiple survivors provide the same Hero Bonus, or different Hero Bonuses provide the same benefit, the bonus can stack unless it's a Radio Command.

On the Community screen your Heroes stand one step ahead of the Citizens.


Leader is the highest standing in the community. This rank can only be earned by manually promoting one of your Heroes. The leader will unlock certain facilities for the group and will determine what will be the group's legacy after wiping the blood plague.

You can only have one leader per community, however you're allowed to change leaders by demoting the current one and promoting another. Demoting a leader will drop the survivor back into a citizen, however you can improve their standing back to a Hero again. They'll also suffer a morale penalty, but it will disappear after a while.

On the Community screen your Leader stands in the middle, one step ahead of the Heroes.

For more info on leaders, check out the Leader Types page.