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The Country Church is one of seven home sites located in Meagher Valley. It is the small base of the map, located in Apatite Acres, on the north-western part of the map.

"A quaint little church at the edge of town. Limited room for expansion, but the spire offers great sightlines."


The base has 10 facility slots in total: 5 small outdoor, 4 small indoor, and a large slot.

Built-In Facilities

Open Slots

  • 1x Small Outdoor Slot
  • 1x Large Slot


Default Layout of Country Church

The Country Church is exactly what its name suggests: a small church out in the countryside.

The base is secured by its original bar fencing which got reinforced by wooden panels and such. There are two spots in the back which can be climbed, but they're too tall for regular zeds, leaving the gates as main entry points during sieges. There are 6 of them: Two infront of the church, a wooden door by the parking spots and another gate at the north-eastern corner, and two gates right next to each other on the south. The church has an L shape and surrounds the yard, which has the small outdoor and the large slot.

Inside the church you'll find the Front and Rear Pews in the nave. These can be cleared, allowing you to build something else in their place. The Locker is behind the pulpit. The Command Center and the Community Food Bank is in the back of the church, in two separate rooms. There are also restrooms inside the base, however they are not functional.

There are 3 ladders outside, allowing you to climb up to the roof. Via an additional ladder you can go up to the Watchpost, from which your survivors will defend the base.

The 3 Parking spots are north of the base, on the driveway leading to the Parking lot behind the base.


  • 4 Survivors
  • 500 Influence (250 in Green Zone)

Trivia & Notes

  • The Command Center in this base gets a passive bonus called Gorgeous Environment, giving +3 Morale to every community member.