State of Decay 2 Wiki
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Crafting Items cannot be used on their own, but are consumed as components for Upgrades, also are used in crafting of Consumables, Weapons, Ammunition or as fuel in some Facilities Actives.

Plague Samples

  • 0.1 Ibs
    Blood Plague Sample.jpg

A disgusting tissue from plague-infected zombie or plague heart. Required to craft blood plague cure in your Infirmary.

  • x5 Blood Plague Sample can be crafted into x1 Vial of Plague Cure at Infirmary Facility.
  • x20 Blood Plague Sample can be crafted into x1 Bulk Plague Cure at Infirmary Facility, that sells for x500 Influence.

(Pathology Skill will reduce Blood Plague Sample crafting cost by -40%)

Renewable (unless all Plague Hearts are destroyed)

  • Blood Plague Sample can be obtained from blood plague infected zombie upon death, kills with crossbows and kills by survivor with Pathology skill will increase yields, both methods stack to nearly double quantity of samples.


  • 0.05 Ibs

Used for crafting items and repairing weapons.


Boxes of Seeds

  • 0.1 Ibs
    Boxes of Seeds.jpg

Used in upgrading gardens and farms, as well as for boosting their yields. Assorted vegetable and herbs seeds, useful for growing crops.


  •   Kitchen Facility: Active +1-3 Boxes of Seeds (-3 Food)

Cases of Chemicals

  • 1 Ibs
    Cases of Chemicals.jpg

Used for crafting, or upgrading facilities.

Useful industrial chemicals for building, mixing and processing.

Jugs of Ethanol

  • 1 Ibs
    Jugs of Ethanol.jpg

Used for crafting, or upgrading facilities.

Crude alcohol equally suited for mixing into drinks, or use as disinfectant.


  • Still Facility: Active +5 Jugs of Ethanol (-3 Food)

Scraps of Circuitry

  • 1 Ibs
    Scraps of Circutry.jpg

Used for crafting, or upgrading facilities.

Electrical guts useful for building simple powered devices.

Piles of Weapon Remains

  • 5 Ibs
    Weapon Remains.jpg

Useless hunk of broken weaponry.

If we have workshop at home we can break this down into a lots of parts.

  • x1 Piles of Weapon Remains  can be crafted into x50 Parts at Workshop Facility.

Vehicle Upgrade Kits

  • 25/40/50 Ibs
    Vehicle Upgrade Kit.jpg

Using your base menu, select "Upgrade Car" from parking spot facility containing a vehicle to see how it will upgrade. Doing that action expends this kit and transforms the vehicle.

There are 3 different types of Vehicle Upgrade Kits and each will only upgrade a specific size of vehicles.


  • Auto Shop Facility: Active
    • Light Vehicle Upgrade Kits (- 15 Scraps of Circuitry, -70 Parts, -4 Materials)
    • Medium Vehicle Upgrade Kits (- 10 Scraps of Circuitry, -80 Parts, -4 Materials)
    • Heavy Vehicle Upgrade Kits (- 5 Scraps of Circuitry, -100 Parts, -4 Materials)


  • All crafting components except for the Blood Plague Sample can be found by searching inside various containers that are scattered across the world of State of Decay 2.
  • The amount of Craftable Items scattered across the world is not unlimited and they do not respawn, however some of them can be crafted and others can be purchased from merchants. For very long playthroughs it is recommended to choose a Trader as a Leader to get an inexhaustible source of Craftable Items as they are relatively cheap to buy from Parts Traders that come to the Trade Depot.