Map of Drucker County

Map of Drucker County

Drucker County is one of the three maps featured in the campaign of State of Decay 2, alongside Cascade Hills and Meagher Valley.


What would be known as Drucker County formed millions of years ago being a plateau and was home to various wildlife species such as Bison and Buffalo.

Over time natives settled in the area. They were very small secluded tribes and often kept to themselves. A major expansion of the area didn't happen until the western expansion era and brought many people to the region, the most notable being Alfred Drucker, the "founder" of the county.

Current Conditions Edit

Drucker County is largely abandoned and in ruins, with wrecked cars and trucks blocking the roads. The county seems to have had a greater military presence than the other locations, as evidenced by the presence of military blockades, evacuation centers, and surviving members of the Army scattered across the plateau.

Locations Edit

  • Santa Maya
  • Saint Marcus Plaza
  • Turtle Ridge

In addition, Drucker County contains 8-12 Plague Hearts and 23 surveying spots.

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