State of Decay 2 Wiki

The Parking is one of the three basic facilities. Every base has 2-4 of them. It allows you to transfer items and rucksacks from your vehicles' trunk into your Locker and Storage. You can also upgrade your vehicles here if you have the appropriate Vehicle Upgrade Kit.

It doesn't have a Facility Mod slot.

In-game description: With the appropriate items, upgrade parked cars. We can also quickly grab vehicle supplies from our stockpiles here.

Building Requirements:

  • None (Built-in)

Facility Actions:

  • Grab Vehicle Supplies
    • Withdraw Items from Supply Locker
      • Withdraw Gas Can
      • Withdraw Toolkit
      • Withdraw Advanced Toolkit
    • Craft Items
      • Load Gas Can
  • Upgrade Car

Passive Effects:

  • No Passives