State of Decay 2 Wiki

The Trade Depot is one of the 4 Leader Projects - it is unlocked by the Trader Leader. It allows the player to call in certain Wandering Traders and also gives a passive daily Influence income.

Accepts Universal Facility Mods.

In-game description: Summons traders and generates influence.

Building Requirements:

  • Trader Leader
  • Large Slot (Outdoor)
  • 2 Jugs of Ethanol
  • 8 / 10 / 13 / 20 / 25 Materials
  • 4 Labor

Facility Actions:

  • None

Passive Effects:

  • Daily Maintenance (Noisy) (-1 Materials Per Day, +1 Zombie Threat)
  • Trader Requests (Radio Unlock: Summon Traders)
  • Earned Reputation (+200 Influence Per Day)


  • The Traders you can call in are the following: Ammo Trader, Food Trader, Fuel Trader, Materials Trader, Meds Trader, and Parts Trader.
  • Calling in Traders cost 125 Influence each. They will stick around for 30 minutes before they leave, just like any Wandering Trader.
  • If you already have a trader on the map, calling in another one might make the current one leave the map. You'll get notified before it'd happen.
  • If you have too many Enclaves around, the Trader might not appear. In this case your Influence will not be deducted.
  • The Trader you called for will always go to your Base regardless of your current location on the map. They'll either stand inside your base, or near outside the walls.
  • Summoned Traders can die before they'd reach your base if they run into a Horde or other Freaks. Their bodies cannot be looted.
  • The Trade Depot and its benefits will remain available if you demote or lose your Trader Leader.