State of Decay 2 Wiki

Most Facilities in the game have a mod slot. You are able to install Facility Mods into these slots to boost the facilities' existing benefits, or give them new Passive Effects and Facility Actions. Facility Mods are separated into different categories, determining which facilities they can be installed into.

Note: Some facilities must be upgraded before you could install a Facility Mod into them.

Universal Mods

Universal Mods can be installed into any facilities which have a mod slot.

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Anniversary Cake Oven Anniversary Pack
Anniversary Cake Oven.png
Allows you to make fiery, zombie-killing anniversary cakes. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Bake Anniversary Cake
Assortment of Airtight Containers
Assortment of Airtight Containers.png
These containers help keep food fresh. +2 Food Storage
Bike Generator
Bike Generator.png
Critical power is just a few pedals away. Provides Power to a Facility (requires Labor)
Comfy Chair
Comfy Chair.png
Everybody appreciates having a nice place to sit and rest a spell. +3 Morale for everyone
CLEO Support Transmitter


CLEO Support Transmitter.png
...aerial drone support delivers measurable decrease in target density surrounding key sites... Unlocks Radio Command:
  • CLEO Fire Support
Fireworks Crafting Station

(Independence Pack)

Fireworks Crafting Station.png
Allows you to craft consumables and ammunition unique to the Independence Pack DLC. Unlocks Facility Actions:
  • Craft Starshank Rounds
  • Craft Pyro Launcher Munition
  • Craft XL Firework Shells
  • Craft Reigns o'Fire
  • Craft Bouncing Borises
  • Craft Block Rocker Fireworks
Improvised Weapon Station Trumbull Valley Pack
Improvised Weapon Station.png
Allows you to craft lead-filled bats and improvised rifles from special Network-supplied patterns. Unlocks Facility Actions:
  • Craft Suppressed Bolt-Action Rifle
  • Craft Homemade Assault Rifle
  • Craft Masterwork Assault Rifle
  • Craft Lead-Filled Bat
Maintenance Bench Stay Frosty Pack
Allows us to perform weapon maintenance that prevents durability loss for a time. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Maintenance Bench: Weapon Upkeep (reduces Durability Loss for Weapons by -50%)
Mini Fridge
Mini Fridge.png
Though it may once have only stored cheap beer, now this handy appliance can store meds and food. +2 Food and Medicine Storage (+5 with Power)
Pallet Storage Solution
Pallet Storage Solution.png
This set of sturdy wooden pallets helps us keep our building materials organized. +5 Materials Storage
Plague Toxin Distiller


Plague Toxin Distiller.png
Allows you to transform the poison glands you harvest from plague bloaters into plague busters. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Craft Plague Busters
Portable Generator
Portable Generator.png
As long as we have gas, we have power. Provides Power to a Facility (requires Fuel)
Red Talon Crafting Station


Red Talon Crafting Station.png
...targeted delegation of manufacture should ensure the completion of secondary directives within medium-range timeframe...

Note: Each provided Facility Action requires Power.

Unlocks Facility Actions:
  • Craft Fire Bombs
  • Craft Remote Grenades
  • Craft Sticky Grenades
  • Craft Explosive Fuel Traps
  • Craft Deployable Minefields
  • Craft Deployable Pyro Minefields
  • Craft Remote Rocket Pods
  • Craft CLEO Ammo
Secure Case
Secure Case.png
This reinforced, lockable case helps us keep our ammo organized. +5 Ammo Storage
Shelving Unit
Shelving Unit.png
Basic shelving useful for storing whatever we have too much of. +2 Storage for each resource
Small Fuel Tank
Small Fuel Tank.png
A nice, safe place to keep extra fuel. +5 Fuel Storage
Solar Generator
Solar Generator.png
The ultimate for off-the-grid survival. Provides Power to a Facility
Water Cooler
Water Cooler.png
Keeps our water supply clean and drinkable ... once we fill it up, of course. Provides Water to a Facility
Wood Stove Bundle Up Pack
Wood Stove.png
A simple source of warmth and joy, as long as we have materials to feed it. +3 Morale for everyone (requires Materials)

Command Center Mods

Command Center Mods can be installed into:

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Network Signal Booster
Network Signal Booster.png
Some tech-nerds with the Network whipped this up. +2 Outpost Slot
Signal Antenna
Signal Antenna.png
A home-made antenna rig we can use to communicate with receivers at great distance. +1 Outpost Slot

Fighting Gym Mods

Fighting Gym Mods can only be installed into the Fighting Gym.

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
All-in-One Workout System
All-in-One Workout System.png
Grants a small Stamina and Health bonus to each survivor in our community. +5 Max Health and Stamina for everyone
Set of Free Weights
Set of Free Weights.png
Grants a Health bonus to each survivor in our community. +10 Max Health for everyone

Gardening Mods

Gardening Mods can be installed into:

Note: You can install 'Bag of Fertilizer' and 'Jug of Pesticide' as well whether you grow Food or Meds, however they will only provide the +50% Yield if you grow the appropriate resource. 'Compost Bin' and 'Garden Toolkit' boost the production of both resources.

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Bag of Fertilizer
Bag of Fertilizer.png
Increases our food yield. +50% Food Yield for a Facility
Compost Bin
Compost Bin.png
Increases our yield. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Compost: Boost Yield (+100% Yield for a Facility using Food)
Garden Toolkit
Garden Toolkit.png
An array of pro-grade cultivation tools. +30% Yield for a Facility
Jug of Pesticide
Jug of Pesticide.png
These chemicals keep bugs from eating our herbs. +50% Meds Yield for a Facility
Jug of Trumbull Valley Grow-Chem
Jug of Pesticide.png
These chemicals transform blood plague into a powerful fertilizer, which drastically increases food or meds production when this mod is installed in a Garden, Farm, or Hydroponics facility.

Invented by Tressie Huerta, an agricultural scientist from Trumbull Valley.

Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Trumbull Valley Grow-Chem: Dispence (+100% Yield for a Facility using Plague Sample)
Soil Enrichment Kit
Soil Enrichment Kit.png
Specialized chemicals we can use to grow healthier crops. +10 Max Health for everyone

Kitchen Mods

Kitchen Mods can be installed into:

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Canning Station
Canning Station.png
A set of equipment used to preserve food. +5 Food Storage
Countertop Oven
Countertop Oven.png
A small but functional baking oven. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Countertop Oven: Bake Pies (+3 Morale for everyone)
Espresso Machine
Espresso Machine.png
A high-end European coffee extractor with a price tag similar to some used cars. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Make Espresso (requires Water)
Food Dehydrator
Food Dehydrator.png
A modern machine for removing moisture from food, preserving it for a very long time. +10 Food Storage (requires Power)
Slow Cooker
Slow Cooker.png
Expertly designed to add flavor to food via time, instead of effort. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Slow Cooker: Make Stew (+10 Morale for everyone; requires Power)
Stand Mixer
Stand Mixer.png
The number one item on wedding registries since 1919. +50% Facility Action Speed (requires Power)
Water Boiler
Water Boiler.png
Hot water on demand makes easier in a kitchen. +50% Facility Action Speed (requires Water)

Lounge Mods

Lounge Mods can only be installed into the Lounge.


  • Though the 'Collection of Board Games' and the 'Game Console' have the same effects, the Game Console's moral boost lasts way longer.
  • The 'Collection of Reference Books' says that it'll give you +10% Experience Rate, however if you check out your Active Effects on your Base Screen, you can see that it actually gives you +33%.
Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Collection of Board Games
Collection of Board Games.png
An impressive array of tabletop games to keep us entertained for countless hours. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Play Board Games (+15 Morale for everyone)
Collection of Reference Books
Collection of Reference Books.png
A trove of information that helps us learn faster. +33% Experience Rate for everyone
Game Console
Game Console.png
A first-gen XBOX with a couple of controllers and some game discs. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Console: Game Tourney (+15 Morale for everyone; requires Power)
Decent mixers in a classy standalone bit of furniture. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Mix Some Drinks (+25 Morale for everyone)

Medical Mods

Medical Mods can be installed into:

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Advanced Biochem Station
Advanced Biochem Station.png
This strange set of equipment seems like something out of a mad scientist's lab... and given that it allows the creation of potent compounds based on zombie biology, maybe it is. Unlocks Facility Actions:
  • Craft ScentBlock
  • Craft Zedeye
  • Craft Zedrenaline
  • Craft Zombait
  • Craft Bloater Cloud Grenade
  • Craft Gas Launcher Ammo
Case of Stabilizing Foam
Case of Stabilizing Foam.png
Military-grade emergency medical gear. Free Instant Health Recovery for Active Survivor
Cast-Making Kit
Cast-Making Kit.png
All the splints, plaster, and gauze you need to set a broken bone. +30% Injury Recovery for Inactive Survivors
Cleaning Station
Cleaning Station.png
Includes a washbasin and cleaning supplies. +25% Infection Recovery for Inactive Survivors
Pill Press
Pill Press.png
A traditional pill-making device, used by compounding pharmacies. Painkiller Crafting Discount
Sanitizing Machine
Sanitizing Machine.png
Lab-grade cleaning equipment used by surgeons at well-funded hospitals. +50% Infection Recovery for Inactive Survivors (requires Power)

Shooting Range Mods

Shooting Range Mods can be installed into:

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Brass Collector
Brass Collector.png
Quicker cleanup at the firing range means more efficient training sessions. +30% Facility Action Speed
Set of Motorized Targets
Set of Motorized Targets.png
Designed to make our training time much more efficient. +50% Facility Action Speed (requires Power)

Sleeping Facility Mods

Sleeping Facility Mods can be installed into:

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Camp Heater
Camp Heater.png
A precious source of warmth in an increasingly cold world. +3 Morale for everyone (requires Fuel)
White Noise Machine
White Noise Machine.png
A welcome, sleep-inducing alternative to endless zombie moans. +10 Morale for everyone (requires Power)

Workshop Mods

Workshop Mods can be installed into:

Note: Making Parts with the CNC Mill has a higher yield than the 'Scrap Materials for Parts' Facility Action in your Storage.

Name Icon Description Provided Bonus
Bolt-Crafting Toolset
Bolt-Crafting Toolset.png
You can't recover every bolt you shoot, but you can always make more. Increases Yield When Crafting Crossbow Bolts
CNC Mill
CNC Mill.png
A small, hobbyist-grade device useful for making one's own machine parts. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • CNC Mill: Make Parts (requires Power)
Filling Machine
Filling Machine.png
Lets us fill bottles with home-made stuff quickly and efficiently. Increases Yield When Crafting Molotovs and Fuel Bombs
Hand Drill Press
Hand Drill Press.png
An old-school machinist's tool for drilling precisely without a source of electricity. +25% Facility Action Speed
Handgun Ammo Press
Ammo Press (Handgun&Magnum&Shotgun).png
Because scavenging for loose bullets is crazy. Unlocks Facility Actions:
  • Craft .22 cal Rounds
  • Craft 9mm Rounds
  • Craft .45 cal Rounds
Heavy-Duty Ammo Press
Ammo Press (Heavy&Rifle).png
The best guns always need the rarest ammunition. Unlocks Facility Actions:
  • Craft .50 AP Rounds
  • Craft 40mm Grenades
Magnum Ammo Press
Ammo Press (Handgun&Magnum&Shotgun).png
You can't be a badass without bullets. Unlocks Facility Actions:
  • Craft .357 Magnum Rounds
  • Craft .44 Magnum Rounds
Rifle Ammo Press
Ammo Press (Heavy&Rifle).png
Reload your rifles the way our ancestors did. Unlocks Facility Actions:
  • Craft 5.56mm Rounds
  • Craft 7.62mm Rounds
Salvage Furnace
Salvage Furnace.png
The pride and joy of any backyard blacksmith, able to reach temperatures up to 3000F. Increases Yield When Salvaging Weapons and Weapon Remains (+50%)
Set of Power Tools
Set of Power Tools.png
High-quality tools, equally suited to a hobbyist's garage or a job site. +50% Facility Action Speed (requires Power)
Shotgun Ammo Press
Ammo Press (Handgun&Magnum&Shotgun).png
What good is a boomstick with no boom? Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Craft 12g Rounds
Soldering Station
Soldering Station.png
A tinkerer's soldering bench, used to craft homemade electronics. Unlocks Facility Action:
  • Soldering: Make Boomboxes (requires Power)