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The Firewatch Fortress is one of five home sites located in Providence Ridge. It is the starter base of the map, located in Camp Winchester, on the north-eastern part of the map.

"It's not quite a forever home, but it's got four walls so it'll do for now."


The base has 8 facility slots in total: 3 small outdoor and 5 small indoor slots.

Built-In Facilities

Open Slots

  • 1x Small Indoor Slot
  • 1x Small Outdoor Slot


Default Layout of Firewatch Fortress

Probably the simplest base in the game, the Firewatch Fortress is basically an enclosed area between a firewatch tower and a huge rock.

Its walls are mainly built from logs, but contain makeshift material here and there. The top is covered with barbed wire, preventing zeds from climbing in. They even used a horse trailer when building the wall, which can be climbed and used as a shooting platform during base defense. The base has 3 entry points - a gate on the west by the Parking spots, another one on the east, and the third on the south, below the tower.

When entering the base you'll find all of the facilities in one place. The Storage and the Command Center are in the corners of the base by the rock. Between them is the small indoor slot. Infront of the Storage you'll find the outdoor small slot. Below the tower are some of the beds, and between it and the Command Center is the built-in Infirmary. Climbing the tower's ladder and crossing some boards will lead to the roof of the Infirmary which can also be used as a shooting platform.

Both Parking spost are at the west side of the base.


  • 1 Survivor

Trivia & Notes

  • The Firewatch Fortress is the smallest base in the game.
  • It’s designed to be a great starting base for new players, with just enough room to explore customization before you’re ready to move to a better home.
  • The base's tower is actually a survey point, allowing you to survey your surroundings if you climb to the top.