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The Fort Marshall is one of six home sites located in Trumbull Valley. It is the huge base of the map, located in Downtown Marshall, on the southern part of the map.

"The military transformed this football field into the front line of their war on the plague walls. They're gone now, and it seems they left a lot of stuff behind."


The base has 16 facility slots in total: 8 small outdoor, 6 small indoor, and 2 large slots.

Built-In Facilities

Open Slots

  • 1x Small Outdoor Slot
  • 1x Small Indoor Slot
  • 2x Large Slots


Default Layout of Fort Marshall

Fort Marshall is a massive base built and later abandoned by the army, leaving everything behind.

It's built on Marshall's football field. The entrances and watchtowers are made from modular steel structures, everything else is built from concertainers. The concertainers even have barbed wire stretched along their top to prevent zeds from climbing in - threats can only enter the base through its entrances. There are 3 entry points: a metal door on the north-eastern wall, another on the east, and the third on the south.

The Command Center and the indoor slot is in the middle area of the base. Every other facility is along the walls. You'll find a large slot, the Cramped Barracks, and the Storage are along the north wall. The other large slot, Mobile Catering Station, and the small outdoor slot are along the south wall. The facility of the Defensive Towers is also here, but the base actually has 4 watchtowers (one on each side), not just where the base layout marks them. The Military Shooting Range and the Well-Used Latrine are on the west, while the Military Clinic is on the east.

All 4 Parking spots are by the north-eastern entrance of the base.


  • 8 Survivors
  • 2000 Influence (1000 in Green Zone)

Trivia & Notes

  • Fort Marshall costs way less influence than other 8-man bases in the game due to the Farmland Compound offering more Large Slots despite being a 6-man base.
  • The base has a memorial for Sgt. Erik Tan, who sacrificed himself during the events of the original State of Decay's story. It's behind the Well-Used Latrine.
  • The Towers provide great line of sight on incoming zeds, however your guards' potential drastically decrease as soon as zeds breach your base.