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"Professional-grade stainless steel grilling tool with an aggressively serrated edge. Ready to handle meat both fresh and undead."

The Grillmeister is a Bladed Melee Weapon in State of Decay 2 added in the Independence Pack.

Repair and Salvage Cost

Option Standard Dread Nightmare
Repair from Broken ---- 134 Parts ---- 168 Parts
Full Durability Salvage ------------ 48 Parts ------------
Broken Salvage ------------ 24 Parts ------------

Full Durability Salvage

w/ Furnace Mod

------------ 72 Parts ------------

Broken Salvage

w/ Furnace Mod

------------ 36 Parts ------------


The Grillmeister can be bought from the Independence Trader for 250 Influence.

Can be called in via Radio in the Independence Pack: Weapon Delivery