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Declare your independence from tyrannical zombie hordes with this exciting array of fiery, flashy new toys for your State of Decay 2 community!

Roll through enemies with 3 crazy new vehicles, each with its own unique anti-zed modifications! The first time you call them in they are free, but you can call them in again later for 1000 Influence a piece.

  • Pyrohawk (a hatchback that shoots off fireworks at any undead trying to get in)
  • Burninator (a truck with side-mounted flamethrowers)
  • Meatwagon (a cargo van that drops zombie-luring chunks of red meat in its wake)

Deploy gratuitous explosions with 2 thrilling new ranged weapons! The first time you call them in they are free, but you can call them in again later for Influence.

  • Pyro Launcher (ignite the hordes with this multibarrel Roman candle)
  • Starshank Launcher (impales a target with an explosive noisemaker)

Bust undead heads with 3 patriotic new melee weapons!

  • Freedom Ringer (a gloriously decorated baseball bat)
  • Grillmeister (once a backyard tool, now a razor-edged dealer of death)
  • BBQ Fork (a utilitarian new close-combat weapon)

Wreak havoc with 4 incendiary new fireworks!

  • Block Rocker (attracts all the zeds in your neighbourhood)
  • Reign o’ Fire (creates a massive ring of fiery death)
  • Bouncing Boris (creates chaos with a series of loud bangs)
  • XL Firework Shell (light, toss, and run!)

In the event you need still more boom, you can use the new Fireworks Crafting Station facility mod to churn out additional fireworks or ammunition for your fancy new firework launchers, or you can visit a new wandering trader who’ll sell you the explosive goodies you’re looking for. After purchasing, use your radio menu to collect your new gear.