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The Justineau House is one of seven home sites located in Cascade Hills. It is the starter base of the map, located in Eastman Heights, on the eastern part of the map.

"A small but easily defensible home with enough space to support a small community."


The base has 10 facility slots in total: 5 small outdoor and 5 small indoor slots.

Built-in Facilities

Open Slots

  • 2x Small Outdoor Slots


Default Layout of Justineau House

The Justineau House is a 2-story house - just like Drucker's Vogel House and Meagher's Clarington House.

The base is surrounded by a brick and lattice fence which might look high enough, however zeds can climb it. The corners of the fence have barbed wire on the top though, preventing zeds from climbing those parts. There are 4 entry points: A double gate on the front, single gates on each side, and another small gate in the back. There's a small outdoor slot in the front- and the backyard as well. The backyard also has the Trash facility which can be cleared, allowing you to build something else in its place.

The house has 4 entrances: The main door in the front, a side door on the right, and two sliding door frames in the back - one downstairs and the other upstairs, accessable from the terrace.

Downstairs you can find the Master Bedroom, the Command Center, and the Double Bunk Room. The Master Bedroom must be repaired before you could use it. There's also a trashed bathroom, however it's not functional. Upstairs you can find your Storage, the Locker, and the Chef's Kitchen.

One of the Parking spots is located infront of the House, while the other is located in the back.


  • 1 Survivor

Trivia & Notes

  • This house is a reference to Helen Justineau, a character from the zombie sci-fi film called The Girl with All the Gifts.