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Legacy Missions are your endgame missions in State of Decay 2.

About Legacy Missions

Unlike Legacy Goals, Legacy Missions only appear after you destroyed every Plague Heart on your map and have a Leader in your community. You must complete them to beat the game. There are two Legacy Missions which appear for all 4 Legacy arcs: Establish Your Legacy and A New Beginning.

Establish Your Legacy is only a placeholder, letting you know that you're eligible to get Legacy Missions. Until a Legacy Mission appears this is what you're going to see in your mission log.

A New Beginning is the first Legacy Mission for every Legacy. Your task is simple: talk with some of your community members about beating the blood plague. Depending on your community's size the amount of members you'll need to talk to can be from one to four. The lines your Leader and community members will say also differs depending on which Legacy arc you're about to kick off.

Builder Legacy

After you complete A New Beginning you'll receive the following missions if you have a Builder Leader.

Safe at Home

Your Leader says the following to your community:

"If we are going to survive, we need a base that can support everyone here. It's time we built our home into a fortress."

Your task is easy: simply upgrade, build, or convert a facility in your base. You also get an optional task of searching nearby locations for two Materials rucksacks. Two locations will be marked on your map, however you can go to any location containing Materials as potential loot.

After you start building/upgrading/converting a facility you must wait until it finishes. The mission ends afterwards.

Useful Utilities

"We're making progress, but scavenging alone won't cut it. We need to get some basic services up and running here at home."

Your leader would like to hook up your base with Power or Water. Your task is to build a facility that will provide one of these utilities. You must wait until building is complete to proceed with the mission.

"All right, we've got our utilities up and running. Now, let's make them work for us."

Your next task is to craft something requiring Water or Power. Crafting an approriate item will finish the mission.

Note: If you already have Water and Power in your base when this mission appears, it'll skip to the "craft something requiring Water or Power" part.

Strength in Numbers

"Our survival depends on people. We need more of us, which means we have to make this place worth living in."

This mission's objective depends on what facilities you have in your base at the moment when it appears. As an optional objective you might also need to search local houses for a Mechanics Textbook.

Version A:

The next project your Leader wants to take on is building a Sniper Tower to keep the community safe. You'll have to wait until building is complete. The mission ends afterwards.

Version B:

You must build a Workshop and upgrade it to Level 3. Once construction is complete you also have to craft something three times. The mission ends afterwards.

Note: If your base has a built-in workshop or the one you built is already Level 3, your task is only to craft some items. If your Workshop is only Level 1 or 2, you still need to upgrade it to Level 3.

Version C:

Your task is the same as in Safe at Home: building, upgrading, or converting a facility. The mission ends after construction is complete.

"If we keep up this momentum, our base will be a fortress against the undead. A place we're proud to call home."

The Call is Answered

Note: This mission has a lot of variations, currently it does not describe all of them yet.

A group of strangers visit your community and want to talk with your Leader. They tell you the following:

We need a new home. We saw how nice your base was, and we hoped you'd let us join. All of us, of course.

  • You can recruit all of them,
  • only one of them, or
  • refuse their request.

Note: In case you have 10 or 11 members when these survivors approach you, you only get the chance to recruit one of them. It'll cost you an Alcohol Luxury Item or a Jug of Ethanol to make the survivor ditch their friends. As you can imagine the friends won't be happy about it.

After dealing with them, your Leader says the following:

"With a nice base and a plague-free town, I have a feeling this is just gonna keep on happening. But we can't take in everyone who shows up. We'll have to make some tough decisions."

Soon more people arrives to your base. They tell you the following:

Please, you've gotta take us in. Your base looks secure and my friend here is real sick.

  • You can offer to recruit them, or
  • refuse their request.

If you recruited them, there can be two outcomes:

  • The sick friend dies and turns into a zombie. Their death won't count as losing a community member since they don't actually join the community, only the survivor you talked with.
  • The sick friend joins the community as well. They'll have blood plague.


  • In case you have 12 members when these survivors approach you, you must exile someone from your community to be able to recruit them. The sick friend dies and turns right after exiling a survivor of yours and you must take them down to proceed with the mission. You can still offer to recruit your visitor, or refuse them if you changed your mind.
  • The more survivors you have the less likely the sick friend "survives" and joins the community.

The mission will either end here or continue with more visitors.

One possible continuation of the mission is a survivor coming in hot to your base, chased by a group of zeds. After you eliminate the zombies, the survivor will tell you the following:

I've never seen a better base anywhere. I have many skills. If you take me in, I could help make it even better.

  • You can either recruit them, or
  • refuse them.

The mission ends after your decision.

"New recruits make us stronger. Keep searching for good people, and our home will stand against the zombie threat."

Your Leader's thoughts during the mission:

  • Starting the mission: I'd better go find out what those people want...

Neighborly Ultimatum

Another group comes to your base and wants to talk with your Leader. As you approach your visitors the game prompts you with the "point of no return" notice, letting you know that completing the mission will end your Leader's Legacy, finishing your community's story. They tell you the following:

We want your base, and we're not taking no for an answer.

Since your only option is refusing their request, they'll turn hostile. As you start fighting the noise created by your attackers lays a 3-minute siege on your base. Multiple freaks will come at your base. Even a Juggernaut shows up near the end of the siege. After the siege ends and you've cleared your base from all threats, the mission ends. The game fades to black and starts playing the ending cutscene.


  • It's possible to see previously exiled survivors among the people coming to your base at the beginning of the mission.
  • Your attackers might have a single or even multiple C1M-A Breachers and BML-40s in their inventories.

Sheriff Legacy

After you complete A New Beginning you'll receive the following missions if you have a Sheriff Leader.

Gone Missing

An Enclave asks you to meet them to talk about something. When you arrive to their place, they tell you they haven't heard about another Enclave in a while and they're worried. Your task is to check on the enclave. The worried survivor will also come with you.

When you get to the enclave in question you'll find its members either dead or reanimated. You'll need to search the location to find clues about what could've happened with them. The clue you need to find is a Strange Note, which has a coordinate on it labeled as "rally point". After sharing it with your follower you decide to check it out.

You won't find any at the coordinates so time to search for a new lead. You'll find another note called Ominous Directions. It has three locations on it labeled as "potential targets". When you show it to your follower they tell you that one of locations is where the deceased enclave lived, thinking the survivors who made this note also the ones who killed them. Your survivor replies that another location is your base, but it's crossed out - maybe the survivors decided not to engage with you. It turns out the third location is your follower's home. Right after the realization you get contacted over the radio that your follower's enclave is under attack.

After you get back and defeat the attackers you must search their bodies to learn more about their identities. Finding the Hostile Instructions reveals that a group found your plague-free town and wants to move in. Their members are tasked with eliminating anyone who don't bow to them. Your survivor gets the word out for your neighbors through the radio.


The leader of the group trying to move into your town starts broadcasting the following over the radio:

Hello, listeners! I just wanted to take this moment and share a bit of news with all of you. My extremely violent friends and I are coming to your town, which will soon be our town. You have only to choices. Do as we say, or die a horrible, meaningless death. See you soon!

Your task is to check on two of your allies to see whether they're loyal to you or tempted to side with the forces trying to occupy your town. In case you have Warlord and/or another Sheriff in your community you'll get some optional objectives too. They'll share their strategies with you if you decide to talk with them. The Warlord survivor will tell you the following:

Be firm with our allies. Make sure they understand how dangerous the situation is, and show them we're in charge.

The Sheriff survivor on the other hand has a more gentle approach:

Just stay calm out there. Remind our friends that if we all have each other's backs, we'll get through this.

Whether you agree or disagree with their opinions it doesn't seem to have an effect on the mission.

When you talk with the enclaves you have both a soft and a harsh option to learn about their loyalty. Your approach doesn't seem to have an effect here either. After you talk with the second enclave they tip you off that a neighboring enclave might've already made contact with the hostile gang, so you decide to check on them too. When you arrive to confront them they'll tell you the following:

Don't be stupid. You can't stop them. If you're smart like us, you'll start taking orders from them.

You have two options to react, but either way they'll turn hostile and try to kill you. Eliminating them will end the mission. The gang leader will also comment the situation:

My people tell me that we have a town that doesn't seem to appreciate us! Well, that sort of behavior simply cannot be tolerated. Make no mistake: We will have your town. You cannot stop us.


An Enclave cries out for the Sheriff's help. The hostile group's leader also contacts you over the radio:

Let the fate of these people be on your head, sheriff!

You have 15 minutes to get to the enclave asking for help. When you arrive, they'll be under attack by 3 gang members. After eliminating them the gang leader contacts you again:

Sheriff, please refrain from self-congratulation. We are most certainly not going anywhere.

Your next task is to wrap up with your attacked allies. They have a feeling the raiders must be close to town if they sent out these guys to shake them down. They ask you what should you do next, where you come to the conclusion that the gang must be taken out, once and for all. The mission ends afterwards.


  • If the timer runs out before you'd get to the enclave they'll get eliminated. Soon the mission reappears with another ally as the gang's target.
  • An 8-man hostile enclave called the Mad Bastards will appear on your map for the duration of the mission. Completing the mission will despawn them, so make sure to visit them first if you'd like to take them on.

Time to Stop the invaders

Your Leader says that your scouts found where the hostiles are holed up, so they want to launch an attack to take them out, once and for all. They also believe that pulling it off will deter everyone else from borhering the town in the future, setting their legacy of law and order in stone.

One of your allies will ask you to drop by if you have the chance. This objective is optional, but visiting them will earn you 6 Napalm Grenades or 6 Molotovs.

As you get close to the gang's base, the game prompts you with a "point of no return" notice, letting you know that completing the mission will end your Leader's Legacy, finishing your community's story. When you arrive, the gang leader welcomes you with the following:

Well well, it appears we have a guest! Everyone, please make the sheriff feel welcome! My dear sheriff, you don't really think you can stop us, do you?

Your task is to take out their Leader. Killing them will stop any remaining gang members from attacking you. The mission ends, the game fades to black and starts playing the ending cutscene.

Note: If you cancel the mission by switching away from your Leader, the gang's leader will tell you the following:

You've bought yourselves a little time. But trust me, we shall return soon enough!

Trader Legacy

After you complete A New Beginning you'll receive the following missions if you have a Trader Leader.

The Broker

Your Leader tells the community that though you managed to fare well so far in the apocalypse, scavenging everything for yourselves will eventually become a difficult task, so they mention how trading with other survivors could be beneficial for everyone. In fact they want to start building connections right now. They decide to broadcast the following over the radio:

"Hey, does anyone out there have extra resources and need some help finding a buyer?"

An enclave immedately contacts you so you set out to meet with them. When you arrive they tell you the following:

We've got a ton of tobacco, but we're light on hygienic goods. Think you can find somebody to hook us up?

You don't know anyone who might have hygienic goods, but you know someone who might be interested in buying tobacco. Before you leave they'll give you a tobacco-related Luxury Item. The next enclave you visit has the following to say:

We've got plenty of high quality entertainment products, but it's hard to enjoy without tobacco. Think you can find someone to hook us up?

No one comes in your Leader's mind, but you tell them you'll try to find a buyer for their products. In return they reward you with an entertainment-related Luxury Item. When you arrive to the next enclave you find the perfect group to involve in your trading network. They have and need just the right things you're after.

We've got a surplus of hygienic items, but we're bored out of our minds. Do you know anyone with some good entertainment?

You let them know that you have both a buyer and a supplier for them. You receive a hygiene-related Luxury Item as a thank you gift. With this enclave you're able to create a trade triangle. You tell everyone that you should put a trade summit together to really get supply lines going.


One of the enclaves contacts you over the radio:

I've got some bad news about one of our trade partners. Can we talk in private?

Your Leader decides to meet them to learn about this trade partner since even the slightest problem could affect the entire operation. They tell you the following:

I heard our "friends" are planning to ambush the trade summit and take everything.

  • You can either thank them for the warning and try to talk some sense into your partners, or
  • react aggressively and decide to attack them before they'd have the chance to ruin the summit.

If you choose to try talking with them you'll have the following options when you meet them:

  • You can confront them with planning the ambush, turning them hostile, or
  • you can reassure them that they don't need to steal from anyone. If they need something then you can handle it for them.

The enclave will tell you the following if you went the peaceful route:

Sorry for trying to cheat you. It's just we're desperate for Fuel. Can you help us?

  • Getting them some fuel, saying there's been enough killing already is one option, while
  • attacking them for not honoring your deal is another.

The mission ends after you give them a rucksack of Fuel.

If you go the agressive route at any point of the mission, it ends after you eliminate the enclave.

"You all know I hate violence, but business is business. We have to protect our trade network at all costs."

Your Leader's thoughts during the mission:

  • Giving Fuel to the enclave: It might be extortion, but this is also the route that didn't get anyone killed. We have to limit our risks if we want to live long enough to see the benefits of what we're doing here.
  • Eliminating the enclave: This is terrible. They made us do it, though. We have to stand up to coercion if we're going to have a strong trading network.

The Summit

Your Leader thinks it's time to kick off the trade summit. You contact all parties involved and tell them to meet at a neutral location you picked out. As you're getting close to the location the game prompts you with the "point of no return" notice, letting you know that completing the mission will end your Leader's Legacy, finishing your community's story. After you arrive and talk with all attendees you get ambushed by three attackers.

You must debrief with one of your partners after you defeat the attackers. It seems like the noise of your previous fight caught the attention of the zeds. A 3-minute siege begins. Surviving the siege and clearing the location of zeds will allow you to debrief again with your partner, ending the mission. The game fades to black and starts playing the ending cutscene.

Warlord Legacy

After you complete A New Beginning you'll receive the following missions if you have a Warlord Leader.

Might Makes Right

"All right folks, we've got the gear, but to rule this town we need training. School is in session."

Your Leader tells the community that though you have the gear, to rule the town you also need training. Your first objective is building a Fighting Gym. After that's done you must upgrade it to level 2.

When you're finished building and upgrading the facility your next task is to show your community how badass you are by killing 10 zombies. There's also an optional objective for using melee to make use of the Fighting Experience Rate bonus provided by your Fighting Gym. After your performance is done, the mission ends. Your leader also tells the community to keep training if they want to claim this town.

Note: If you already have a Fighting Gym then you only need to upgrade it. Having a Level 2 Fighting Gym or an equivalent facility should immediately skip you to the "kill 10 zombies" objective when the mission appears.

The Informant

One of your community members reports to your leader that someone showed up at base. The visitor tells you the following:

You're in serious danger. If you give me a place to stay, I'll tell you everything.

  • You can choose to recruit them, or
  • threaten them to speak up or you kill them (refuse to recruit).

Whether you recruit them or not, they tell you that their old enclave was working with a group that calls itself the Coalition. Their plan was to set you up, but your visitor slipped away to warn you. You can either ask them to show you where the enclave lives so you can hit them first, or let them set their trap, but you'll be ready for them. The survivor will start following you regardless what's your decision.

If you decided to attack first, your task will be to travel to the enclave's homesite. When you arrive you'll find two hostile survivors at the location. Two more will come to the location soon after your arrival. When everyone is taken care of, the mission ends.

If you decided to wait for them, you will soon receive a distress call from someone. Your visitor will tell you that this is the bait for the trap. When you get to the location it'll be filled with zombies. Your task is to deal with the zombies, however as soon as the hostiles luring you to the location show up, your task is to eliminate them instead. After you kill all 4 attackers, the mission ends.

"We dealt with the threat but we need to learn more about this Coalition before they show up again."

Note: If you did not recruit the visitor you will be given a choice to either let them go or kill them after dealing with their former enclave.

Your Leader's thoughts during the mission:

  • Starting the mission: We've got a visitor. I'd better go find out what they want...

Personal Dead Zone

Note: This mission might spawn some new enclaves on the map. If you have too many enclaves around the mission might not appear until you get rid of some.

"After all that's happened with that Coalition, we need to make sure we know who our friends are."

After your recent encounter with the Coalition your Leader wants to know who you can count on in this fight. You have to visit 4 of your neighbors to learn who has joined forces with the Coalition against you.

The following situations can occur when arriving to any of the enclaves:

  1. You don't find anyone at the location. By rummaging through it you'll find a Propaganda Flyer made by the Coalition, recruiting people to fight against your "tyranny".
  2. Your Leader tries to talk with the enclave, however they're not open for negotiations - they attack you instead. You must eliminate them to progress with the mission.
  3. A bunch of zeds will be at the location. The survivors will be either dead or reanimated.
  4. The enclave is neutral towards you. You can either order them to swear allegiance or get out (may become hostile), or threaten them (will become hostile).
  5. The enclave is neutral towards you. You can either order them to swear loyalty if they want to stay (may become hostile), or threaten them (will become hostile).

The mission ends after you deal with all 4 enclaves.

"Now we know where everybody stands. If the Coalition tries anything again, we'll be ready."

Note: In Situation 5 if the enclave didn't become hostile, you need to give them a rucksack of Food to buy their loyalty. Giving them the Food will turn them Allied (with no Enclave Benefit), however you can also refuse their request. In this case the enclave leaves the map.

Your Leader's thoughts during the mission:

  • Starting the mission: The Coalition is a major threat to our security. They want us out and we've worked too hard to go down without a fight. It's time to find out which of our neighbors are in league with our enemy.
  • After visiting one enclave: Getting our territory in order will send a strong message to the Coalition and any other enclave that wants to test us. This is only the start.
  • After visiting two enclaves: The Coalition will see our enemies as a way in, a gap in our security. Driving out the bad seeds is necessary for our survival.
  • After visiting three enclaves: One more visit should get our message across to everyone in town. You're either with us or against us. There is no other way.
  • After visiting all enclaves: (missing)
  • Eliminating Hostile enclaves:
    • I refuse to feel bad about eliminating threats to our survival.
    • Idiots... Well, that's one less threat.
  • Ensuring an allegiance: Okay, these folks are on our side. That's one less problem to worry about.
  • Situation 1:
    • Arriving to the enclave: I don't see anyone moving around up there. I hope I'm not walking into an ambush.
    • Picking up the Propaganda Flyer: Looks like the Coalition has been busy turning our neighbors against us. There's only one way to stop that.
  • Situation 2:
    • Arriving to the enclave: I'll see if they're willing to talk. If not, I have to assume they've sided with the Coalition against us.
  • Situation 3:
    • Arriving to the enclave: Looks quiet. I should be ready for anything.
    • Entering the location: I guess I should clear out the zombies to check for survivors.
    • Clearing the location: Looks like zombies did our job for us. This group is dead. Problem solved.

Smash the Coalition!

Note: This mission will spawn some new enclaves on the map. If you have too many enclaves around the mission might not appear until you get rid of some.

One of your survivors alerts the community that the Coalition is making their move. Approaching the survivor with your leader prompts you with the "point of no return" notice, letting you know that completing the mission will end your Leader's Legacy, finishing your community's story. When you talk with them they tell you the following:

I had a run-in with some Coalition members. They sent me back here with a message: "We stand for freedom. Leave town or be buried here."

They give you the location of a Coalition base. Your task is to travel there. You'll find 3 hostiles at the base. Killing two will make the last one surrender. They tell you the following:

Please! Don't hurt me! The Coalition headquarters are at the *location*, if that's what you're after.

You can either spare or execute them, however your choice doesn't seem to have an effect on the mission. When you arrive to the headquarters, your objective is to take out their Leader. Killing them will stop any remaining Coalition members from attacking you. The mission ends, the game fades to black and starts playing the ending cutscene.

Your Leader's thoughts during the mission:

  • Starting the mission: Sounds like the Coalition is making trouble again. I'd better find out what's gotten *survivor* so upset.
  • Arriving to the Coalition base: Damn, there's three of them. Maybe if I take out two, I can get the last one to talk.
  • Last survivor surrendering: Time to find out what they know about the Coalition operation.