Map of Meagher Valley

Map of Meagher Valley

Meagher Valley is one of the three main maps in the campaign of State of Decay 2, alongside Cascade Hills and Drucker County.


The area that would become known as Meagher Valley was created 50 million years ago. It was a breeding ground for mammoths and hunting ground for dire wolves and short-faced bears.

It is unknown who first settled the valley. During the western expansion of the United States, the valley was a popular stop for travelers, many of whom settled in the area and built farms and homes.

In the early 20th century, the area began seeing major growth due to its fertile farmland, with their crops feeding American troops during both World Wars. The economic boom eventually stagnated, but Meagher Valley continued to prosper and modernize. Beginning in the early 2000s, wind turbines were built across the valley that provided residents with clean energy, and several commercial chains began setting up shop in the surrounding neighborhoods.

When the outbreak first hit, Meagher Valley erupted into panic. Dozens of residents fled in their cars, choking the highways in and out of the valley. An attempt by the Army to quarantine the valley failed, and as a result, the area quickly became overrun.

Current Conditions Edit

Though still in general disarray, the valley seems to have suffered less destruction than Drucker County and Cascade Hills. It is, however, no less dangerous than the other regions. The air and lighting of the valley is also much clearer than that in the foothills and the plateau.


  • Apatite Acres
  • Drover's Bend
  • Flowering Flats
  • Lake Kelenqua
  • Old Squelones
  • Squelones
  • Upron Gorge
  • Whitney Junction
  • Willow Grove

In addition, Meagher Valley contains 8-12 Plague Hearts and 26 Survey Points.

Home SitesEdit

  • Clarington House - The Starter Home, located on the east side of the map. It requires 0 Influence and 1 Survivor.
  • Country Church - It requires 500 Influence and 4 Survivors
  • Mazzara Farm - Located along a river that runs through the middle of the map. It requires 1000 Influence and 5 Survivors.
  • Rural Police Station - A old police station located far north of the map. It requires 1000 Influence and 5 Survivors.
  • Camp Kelenqua - A campground located on the west side of the map. It requires 1000 Influence and 5 Survivors.
  • Squelones Brewing Company - A old brewery located on the north-east side of the map. It requires 1500 Influence and 6 Survivors.
  • Whitney Field - A fenced baseball field located in the far south of the map. It requires 3500 Influence and 8 Survivors.


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