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Mysterious Broadcasts are a type of Ambient Goals.

About Mysterious Broadcasts

Ambient Goals are usually short and easy missions which appear randomly. Ignoring or refusing them will not have any consequences, however some of them can reward you with valuable items, rucksacks, or new recruits if you complete them.

Mysterious Broadcasts offer various tasks to complete. They always reward you with items from the Zedhunter update.

We gave unique names for each mission to make them more distinguishable, however in the game they're all called as Mysterious Broadcast.

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Friend Went Missing

A survivor calls for help through the radio. When you go to their location, they tell you that their friend was meeting with a trader but hasn't reported back since, so they ask you to track the friend down.

  • You can say no, thus ending the mission without any reward, or
  • you can say yes and start searching for the friend.

Their location will be marked on the map. When you get there, they tell you that they are sick and overloaded, so they need help getting home.

  • You can say no, thus ending the mission without any reward, or
  • you can say yes and they'll start following you.

Suddenly you'll hear a noise, and the survivor tells you that a bunch of zombies are coming this way. He gives you a Bottle of ScentBlock so you can use it to sneak past the incoming zombies. After you pick up the ScentBlock, the zombies start coming in. Either you fight your way out or manage to leave the place as they're attacking, your next task is to take the survivor back to his friend. When you arrive, you will be rewarded with a reward of your choice (3 Bottles of ScentBlock or a Cleaning Station). The mission ends and the two survivors leave the area.

Tip: This mission throws a massive amount of zombies at you! If you're not equipped for a fight, get out as soon as you can!

Your survivor's thoughts during the mission:

  • Starting the mission: They may not be our favorite people, but they sounded really worried.

Mysterious Killer

An Enclave calls for help through the radio. When you go to their location, you find their dead bodies shot with light crossbow bolts. You find an Enigmatic Note on one of the bodies. Shortly after one of your community members alerts you about a suspicious person in your area.

After you find the Killer, you have 4 ways to react to what they did:

  • You can try to recruit them,
  • tell them to leave town,
  • tell them to drop their crossbow then leave, or
  • you can threaten them.

If you try to recruit them, their answer depends on how many survivors you have. Having more than 4 survivors will make them refuse your offer, ending the mission. In case you have 4 or less community members, they'll accept your offer. To finish the mission you'll have to take them to your home.

If you choose any of the other three options, they might either leave or become hostile. Killing them then searching their body will earn you an Echo-X3 Repeating Crossbow, an Echo-C3 Karambit, and some other items. The mission ends afterwards.


  • When this mission appears, the eliminated enclave will be a Neutral, Cold, or Hostile one. Friendly and Allied enclaves will not be affected by this mission.
  • This mission can cancel some Special Enclaves' questlines. If you don't want the special enclave to get eliminated, restart your session to make this mission disappear.
  • If you ignore the mission and it expires, the affected Enclave disappears from the map, implying they got eliminated anyway.

Your survivor's thoughts during the mission:

  • Allowing the mission to expire: We haven't heard from the enclave in a while. I wonder if they've left town?


Someone calls you through the radio for help. When you go to them, they tell you that a crazy ex-Red Talon member took over their old team. They ask you to take out the soldier without hurting their friends.

  • You can say no, thus ending the mission without any reward, or
  • you can agree to help.

When you arrive to them, the whole group will be hostile and attacks you. Killing the Red Talon soldier makes the remaining surrender and return to their old friend.

If you saved both of them, you'll get a Hunting Crossbow and 10 Standard Bolts as a reward. The group will also stick around and become a friendly ambient Enclave.

If you killed any of them, the survivor giving you the mission will question you about why did you kill them. You can react to this in two ways:

  • You can tell them that you did all you could. The mission ends without a reward afterwards and the survivor leaves the area.
  • You can call their friends psychos, turning the survivor and their remaining friend (if you only killed one of them) hostile. After you eliminate them, you can still get the previously mentioned Hunting Crossbow and 10 Standard Bolts by looting their body.

Note: The Red Talon soldier always has some Echo Close Combat and Melee weapons on them. They can also have an Echo-S5 Gas Launcher or Spec Ops guns on them.

Strange Signal

One of your community members tells you that they picked up a weird signal which probably wasn't meant for your group.

As you arrive to the signal's location you'll notice zombies all around. The survivor sending the signal will either be dead or reanimated. There's also a chance for a Feral or a Juggernaut to spawn at the location.

After you eliminate all threats and search the survivor's body for clues you'll find a Journal Entry. Reading it will give you information about some kind of experiments made by Echo Operatives. The mission ends when you pick up the Journal Entry. You'll also find other items on the dead body that you can keep as a reward.


  • There survivor might have Echo Melee weapons, Crossbows, Plague Consumables, and Bloater Cloud Grenades on them when looting their body.
  • There are several Journal Entries you can find through this mission. To collect all of them you need to replay the mission anytime it appears again.

Your survivor's thoughts during the mission:

  • Starting the mission: I have a hunch this signal wasn't intended for us. But who's sending it, and why?
  • Arriving to the location: That's a lot of zombies, doesn't look good.

Smashed Van

Someone asks for your help through the radio. When you go to their location, they tell you that they've seen a Juggernaut smashing a Van, and the driver ran off. They want to check out the contents of the Van, maybe there's something good in it.

  • You can refuse to help, thus ending the mission without any reward, or
  • you can agree to help and the mission begins.

As you arrive to the van, the Juggernaut might still be around. As you check the van's trunk, you'll find an Echo-X1 Combat Crossbow and an Echo-C1 Stiletto with some plage consumables and other items.

The survivor wants to keep the Crossbow since they were the ones telling you about the Van. In exchance they'll leave you the rest of the item's found in the van.

  • You can give them the crossbow and they'll give you their Classic Crossbow for it, or
  • you can keep the X1 for yourself.

Whatever you choose, the van's content is yours to keep while your community will always blame you for your choice. If you give the X1 to the survivor, they'll tell you that "why would you give a Crossbow like that away," while not giving it to them they'll say "I can't believe you're so selfish."

Tip: Since your choice only determines the Crossbow you'll get to keep, it's better not to give them the X1 anytime you come across this mission.

The Plague Researchers

Someone calls for help through the radio. When you go to their location, they tell you that all of them have blood plague. They called in a supply drop to get some cure, but they don't have the strength to get it. If you get it for them, you can keep the rest of the supplies.

  • You can say no, thus ending the mission without any reward, or
  • you can say yes and head for the supplies.

After you obtain a plague cure (either from the supply drop or from your own locker) as you get back to their location they're attacked by plague zombies. If the mission giver dies to the plague zombies, the mission fails. If any other survivor dies, it will not affect the mission. After clearing the zombies out you can give them the cure or refuse to help.

  • If you give them the cure, they'll administer it and leave the area.
  • If you refuse to give it to them, they'll also leave the area but you keep the cure.

Note: The supply drop only appears if you agree to get the cure for them. The drop contains a Plague Cure, some Plague Consumables, an Echo Close Combat Weapon, a Neatly Printed Message and an Advanced Biochem Station Facility Mod.