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The Prescott Fire Station is one of five home sites located in Providence Ridge. It is one of the huge bases of the map, located in Prescott, on the south-western part of the map.

"A ruined firehouse that we could quickly restore to its former existance as a top-notch base of operations."


The base has 18 facility slots in total: 7 small outdoor, 9 small indoor, and 2 large slots.

Built-In Facilities

Open Slots

  • 2x Outdoor Small Slots
  • 2x Large Slots


Default Layout of Prescott Fire Station

The Prescott Fire Station is probably the largest Campaign base in the game in terms of total facility slots.

Despite having most of its facilities trashed upon moving in, the building itself and the walls surrounding it are in pristine condition. The solid brick walls have metal spikes on top of them, preventing zombies and freaks from climbing in, meaning they can only breach your base from the 4 entrances: 2 metal gates in the front - one on each side of the destroyed fire engine, - another metal gate on the west side, and the last metal gate in the back. You'll find the two small outdoor and the two large slots in the yard west from the building. Be aware: Ferals can climb the fire engine if you use it as a shooting platform.

The base has 2 floors and access to its roof. There are 4 options for entering the building - 3 doors and a large double door in the front. All of these will take you to the ground floor. The Storage, Sheltered Beds, and the Firehouse Workshop are in the main hall. The Locker is also here, right next to the Storage. The Command Center and Station Restroom are on the east in their own separate rooms, while the Utility Room is on the west.

The second floor can only be accessed by a single set of stairs, found by the workshop. The Emergency Services Training is in the main hall's gallery, and the Firehouse Kitchen shares a room with the Firefighter Bunks. The kitchen also has a balcony where you'll find one of the ladders giving you access to the roof. The Scout Tower is up here, above the Utility Room, which has the other ladder leading up to the roof.

All 4 Parking spots are along the front wall of the base, two on each side.


  • 8 Survivors
  • 3500 Influence (1750 in Green Zone)

Trivia & Notes

  • Providence Ridge being the "tutorial map", this base has a lot of built-ins on purpose - to allow new players to have an end-game base without the need of putting a lot of thought into base management.
  • On the opposite side of the road you can see a bell tower in the middle of the square. Shooting its bell actually makes noise which can serve as a distraction tool during sieges. The caliber you shoot the bell with actually has an effect on the noise it'll make. The bigger the caliber, the further the bell's ring will travel. Unsuppressed shots also ring the bell more.
  • Shooting the bell on higher difficulties might just get you into more trouble though, since zeds won't be distracted by decoys, i.e. they'll come for you instead of going for the bell once they noticed you.
  • While exploring the base you can find a picture of Capt. Roscoe in the Firefighter Bunks, a firefighter dog who served at the station. You can actually find his dog house as well in the south-western corner of the base. In the real world Roscoe is the pet dog of one of the developers.
  • The devs created this base to fulfill the community's request of getting a base located at a Fire Station. While players originally wanted it to be the fire station building found on other maps as a lootable location, the devs went the extra mile and created a brand new building instead of reusing existing assets. It's just one of the many examples of how the devs put their heart and Soul into the game to please their fans.