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Quirk Skills are fifth skills for the benefit of either the community, just the survivor, or both. While some of them only provide bonuses for the survivors having them, others provide the knowledge of a profession, resource incomes and other bonuses from which the community can also benefit. They only have one level and can't be leveled up, thus can't be specialized. Just like the Community Skills, these skills are granted by certain Traits or can be learned by using appropriate Textbooks. They can't be learned at Outposts though.


  • Quirk Skills marked with * can be learned. Textbooks teaching Quirk Skills can be purchased from Rare Skills Traders or received as mission rewards when completing certain Survivor in Need missions.
  • Effects with (Community) affect everyone in the community. Effects without it only affect the individual.

General Quirk Skills

The following Quirk Skills are available for the survivors you'll encounter throughout your time in Campaign.

Name Description Effect
Acting Pretending to be other people for fun and profit.
Animal Facts How many toes an elephant has, and other vital information.
  • No useful effects.
Bartending Raising spirits with spirits.
Business How to make a profit doing practically anything.
Comedy The art of making people laugh.
Design Figuring out how to make things for humans to use.
Driving* Life is a highway. I want to ride it all night long.
  • +100% Fuel Efficiency
  • +50% Vehicle Endurance
  • +50% Vehicle Stealth
Excuses Getting out of things in style.
  • +10 Morale
Farting Around "I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you different." - Kurt Vonnegut
  • +10 Morale
Fishing* Turning bodies of water into food through engineering and trickery.
  • +2 Food per Day
Geek Trivia Skrewts, Ainur, Jefferies tubes, and uses of the number 47.
Hairdressing Styling hair with a mix of cutlery and chemistry.
Hygiene* The lost art of keeping yourself clean and germ-free.
  • +50 Infection Resistance (Community)
  • +10 Max Health (Community)
Ikebana Brightening a space with the careful arrangement of nature.
Law What people used to do about crime and conflict.
Lichenology* The study of lichens.
Literature Still important. Our children should know how their ancestors viewed the world.
Making Coffee Giving people a good start to each day.
Movie Trivia Box office grosses, Oscar winners, and obscure directors.
Music Raising spirits with rhythm and melody.
Painting Conveying meaning and evoking emotion through colour and form.
People Skills The most essential of the "soft" skills.
Pinball Live catches, death saves, and outlane shakes.
Poker Face I want to hold 'em like they do in Texas plays.
Political Science The workings of power within government.
Recycling* Finding use from your refuse.
  • +2 Materials Per Day
  • +25 Parts Per Day
Scrum Certification* We're going to get so much done.
  • +50% Build Action Speed
  • +50% Facility Action Speed
  • +2 Labor
Self-Promotion The underappreciated art of getting people to look at you.
Sewing* Turning cloth and thread into useful things.
Sexting There's a right way to do everything.
  • +5 Influence Per Day
Shopping* How to find a bargain in a pile of useless junk.
  • +50% Search Speed
  • +25 Parts Per Day
Sleep Psychology* A better night's sleep leads to a better day's work.
  • +4 Morale (Community)
  • +2 Beds
Sports Trivia Stats, jersey numbers, and classic players.
  • +100% Cardio Experience Rate
  • +100% Fighting Experience Rate
  • +20 Max Stamina
  • Knowledge of Sports
Soundproofing* A quieter base is a safer base.
  • -4 Zombie Threat
Tattoos Body artistry.
TV Trivia Actors, awards, and episode numbers.

Red Talon Quirk Skills

The following Quirk Skills are only available for Red Talon Contractors.

Name Description Effect
Combat Medicine Emergency medicine for the field of battle.
Demolitions The delicate art of making things go boom.
Firearms Maintenance Keeping firearms clean, well-tuned, and ready for action.
Foraging Living off the land when cut off from the supply chain.
Fortifications Quick and elegant building techniques for short-order defense.
Gut Packing Filling stomachs quickly and efficiently.
Hacking Cyberwarfare methods for a bygone age.
Infrastructure Building and managing physical facilities for long-term deployments.
Logistics Maintaining and managing gear and supplies.
Mobile Operations Managing operations involving vehicles.

Heartland's Quirk Skills

The following Quirk Skills are only available for certain survivors in Heartland.

Name Description Effect
Administration Increases facility-building speeds and reduces overall food consumption.
  • -25% Food Consumed Overall
  • +50% Global Build Action Speed
Police Procedure Make less noise when searching quickly, and find more plague samples.
  • -50% Chance of Search Crash
  • Extracts Plague Samples More Often

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