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Ranged weapons are ideal for dispatching enemies from a distance, and are especially useful against enemies that you don't want to engage in melee combat, like Hostile Survivors and Freaks.

Ranged weapons are divided into several categories, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses.

Since Update 25 survivors have two ranged weapon slots in their inventories — one for a primary weapon and one for a sidearm. Each ranged weapon in the game fits exclusively into one of those two slots.


Sidearms include pistols, assault pistols, revolvers, and short-barreled shotguns. These weapons are carried on the survivors' right thigh.


The most common firearms found in State of Decay 2. Pistols are light and fast, and can one-shot kill most enemies (given that you aim for the head). They use a wide variety of ammo types, however they lack the power to penetrate targets without the appropriate Shooting skills. Pistols can be equipped with any Muzzle Mods, except Chokes.

In Update 21 Lever-Action weapons have been added to the game. Since the Mare's Leg is a Lever-Action Pistol, it will never break or jam.

Pistols in the game:

Assault Pistols

Assault Pistols also feature burst and/or full-auto firemodes while still having the Pistols' advantages. They are effective at close ranges but have a lower damage output compared to other assault weapons. Assault Pistols can be equipped with any Muzzle Mods, except Chokes.

Assault Pistols in the game:


Revolvers are powerful but loud. They never break or jam, however they have small magazines and their reloading can take a while. Using them in Dread and above might give you a hard time surviving. Revolvers can be equipped with Brakes, CLEO Accelerators, CLEO Tumblers, and Vintage Rifle Compensators.

Revolvers in the game:

Sidearm Shotguns

Sidearm Shotguns are all short-barreled, usually inaccurate, but deadly at close range, making them a perfect sidearm when carrying a Primary for longer ranges. Reloading them might be problematic during a fight since none of them are magazine fed. They can only be equipped with Chokes.

All Sidearm Shotguns are either pump-action or lever-action so they never break or jam.

Sidearm Shotguns in the game:

  • 870 Sawed-Off
  • M590 FDGB Go Bag Pack
  • Reliable 870 Sawed-Off
  • Sawed-Off Model 1887 Open Range Pack

Sidearm Assault Shotguns

Sidearm Assault Shotguns provide full-auto devastation while retaining all the benefits of Sidearm Shotguns. The currently available weapons in this category are also magazine fed, allowing for quick reloads. They can only be equipped with Chokes.

Sidearm Assault Shotguns in the game:

  • RTX Cyclone Red Talon
  • RTX Cyclone Tactical Red Talon

Primary weapons

Primary weapons include rifles, assault rifles, most shotguns, crossbows, and special weapons like grenade launchers. These weapons are carried on the survivors' backpack.


Shotguns shred your enemies with high damage output over a short range and can kill multiple targets with a single shot. All shotguns use 12-gauge Shells. They're either pump-action or semi-auto. Some of them are also magazine-fed. Shotguns can only be equipped with Chokes.

Since Update 18 pump-action shotguns never break or jam. In Update 21 Lever-Action weapons have been added to the game. Lever-Action Shotguns never break or jam either.

Shotguns in the game:

  • 930 SPX
  • C1-A Ursus
  • CLEO Shotgun Red Talon
  • CM1-A Breacher
  • Cold Turkey Stay Frosty Pack
  • Echo-S3 Shotgun (Heartland)
  • Faithful KSG
  • Kodiak
  • Kodiak XL
  • KSG
  • M590 Sea and Sky Shotgun
  • M97 Trench Gun World War 2 Pack
  • Model 1887 Shotgun Open Range Pack
  • Model 870
  • Police M590A1 Critical Response Pack
  • R12
  • Restored Echo-S3 Shotgun Trumbull Valley Pack
  • RTX Wolverine Red Talon
  • Sea Dog Blunderbuss Plunder Pack
  • SPAS-12 Fearsome Footage Pack
  • Trusty R12
  • Vintage Model 870

Assault Shotguns

Assault Shotguns combine the deadly close-range damage output with full-auto firemode. They're very effective at sweeping hordes and destroying Plague Hearts. Assault Shotguns can only be equipped with Chokes.

Assault shotguns in the game:

  • AA-12 (Doomsday Pack)
  • CLEO Assault Shotgun Red Talon
  • DEVGRU X12 Infiltrator
  • R12 Import

Assault weapons

Assault weapons are the most versatile guns in State of Decay 2, including SMGs, ARs, and burst-firing rifles. SMGs have high fire rates and perfect for close-range encounters, while ARs are powerful medium-range weapons. They usually have multiple fire modes: most have single-shot and full-auto, while some also include three-round burst. Assault weapons can be equipped with any Muzzle Mods, except Chokes.

Assault weapons in the game:

Note: The Durability Test Gun can only be obtained through modding the game.


Rifles are semi-auto or bolt-action weapons. Semi-auto SMGs and ARs are also in this category. Rifles are your standard guns for medium- and long-range shooting. Many of them are equipped with a sight or a scope, allowing for easier sniping. Bolt-action rifles have slow fire rates, however they never break or jam. Rifles can be equipped with any Muzzle Mods, except Chokes.

In Update 21 Lever-Action weapons have been added to the game. Lever-Action Rifles never break or jam either.

Rifles in the game:

  • 10/22 Carbine
  • AR-15
  • Arctic Warrior
  • Big Hank Rifle Open Range Pack
  • Bolt Scout
  • Civilian Uzi 22 Carbine
  • Civilian Vector Carbine
  • Classic SKS Rifle
  • CLEO Battle Rifle Red Talon
  • CLEO Blast Rifle Red Talon
  • CLEO Sharpshooter Rifle Red Talon
  • D-BAR Stay Frosty Pack
  • D-Bartini Stay Frosty Pack
  • Doomsday Carbine Go Bag Pack
  • Duvall Outrider Open Range Pack
  • Echo-S2 Rifle (Heartland)
  • Exterminator's 10/22
  • Fake-A 47
  • GSG-W
  • Heirloom Model 70
  • Hunter SKS Pawn Shop Pack
  • Hunter's Bolt Scout
  • Hunter's Model 70
  • JL94 Civilian
  • JL94 Custom
  • M1-A
  • M1-A Short
  • M1 Carbine World War 2 Pack
  • M1 Para Carbine World War 2 Pack
  • M14 DMR
  • M1903A4 Sniper Rifle World War 2 Pack
  • Model 70 Classic
  • Model 92 Rifle Open Range Pack
  • Police Sniper Rifle Critical Response Pack
  • Prepper's 10/22
  • RC-9 Police Carbine Critical Response Pack
  • Restored Echo-S2 Rifle Trumbull Valley Pack
  • Scoped Big Hank Rifle Open Range Pack
  • Scoped Model 92 Rifle Open Range Pack
  • Seabass Model 94
  • Simple S2K Stay Frosty Pack
  • Spec Ops AW
  • SVD The Network
  • Trail Blazer X2K Go Bag Pack
  • Trumbull Gatekeeper The Network
  • USC Carbine

Anti-Materiel Rifles

Anti-Materiel Rifles are the most powerful bullet-firing weapons in the game. They use .50 AP Rounds which are hard to come by and/or expensive to craft, however they are able to kill zombies with a body shot, can penetrate multiple zeds, and can even penetrate the armored zombies' helmet and body armor. They are heavy, bolt-action (slow fire rate), and have small magazines, however they're very effective against Juggernauts.

Anti-Materiel Rifles in the game:

  • CLEO Heavy Sniper Red Talon
  • M99X1 Timberwolf
  • Model 99-50
  • Otoe Howlitzer Stay Frosty Pack
  • Spyglass Rifle Plunder Pack


Cannons can be described as "Assault Anti-Materiel Rifles". They use the same .50 AP Rounds but feature full-auto firemode.

Cannons in the game:

  • B50FG


Launchers use 40mm grenades and deal the most damage due to the explosive splash damage over a small area, so they prove to be very useful against large groups of zeds. They are extremely loud and their ammunition is hard to come by and/or expensive to craft.

Launchers in the game:

  • BML-40
  • M203 Standalone
  • M32 MGL

Gas Launchers

These Launchers use special Gas Launcher 40mm Rounds as ammunition. Upon exploding, they'll release a Bloater Cloud-like gas cloud. They're very effective against Hostile Survivors.

Gas Launchers in the game:

  • Echo-S5 Gas Launcher

Napalm Launchers

These Launchers use regular 40mm grenades, however they turn it into napalm, making infernos instead of explosions.

Napalm Launchers in the game:

  • MGL-N Firewhirl

Note: This weapon can only be obtained through modding the game.


Ranged weapons included in the Independence Pack are categorized as Special. Each of them use their own Special ammo (fireworks).

Special weapons in the game:


Crossbows are the most silent weapons in the game. All crossbows are only capable of holding one bolt at a time, except the Echo-X3 Repeating Crossbow (which is magazine-fed). Every bolt has a chance to be recovered after firing. The Resourcefulness specialization increases this chance. Bolts have fall-off over distance so you must compensate it for long-range shooting. Bolts shot from Hunting Crossbows and Echo-X2 Sniper Crossbows can penetrate enemies. Crossbows never break or jam. Plague Zombies killed with crossbows have an increased chance of dropping a Plague Sample.

Crossbows in the game:

  • Classic Crossbow
  • Echo-X1 Combat Crossbow
  • Echo-X2 Sniper Crossbow
  • Echo-X3 Repeating Crossbow
  • Homemade Crossbow
  • Homemade Scoped Crossbow
  • Hunting Crossbow
  • Light Crossbow
  • Midnight Solstice Stay Frosty Pack

Trivia & Notes

  1. Though the CLEO Battle Rifle and CLEO Sharpshooter Rifle weapons are labeled as ranged_assault in the game, they're technically rifles.
  2. The M590 FDGB weapon from the Go Bag Pack is named after a SoD2 Community member, FallDownGoBoom. Originally the 9mm Pro 986 Revolver and the Trail Blazer X2K weapons were also named after SoD2 Community members, however the guns got renamed with Update 20 for unknown reasons.
  3. The 1911 Long Slide, the Uzi 9mm and the SPAS-12 weapons from the Fearsome Footage Pack are inspired by the gun shop scene from the first Terminator movie.
  4. The Safari Razorback .44, the F45 Tactical, and the AKS-74U Valentine weapons from the Anniversary Pack are iconic pieces from the original State of Decay. They got added to State of Decay 2 when the game turned 2 years old.
  5. The Sea Dog Blunderbuss and the Spyglass Rifle weapons are inspired by the videogame Sea of Thieves.
  6. The Otoe Howlitzer weapon from the Stay Frosty Pack is named after one of the developer's dog, Otoe.
  7. The M590 Sea and Sky Shotgun was unreleased content, however you could still obtain them through modding. Since the release of Update 26, it can be obtained through scavenging.