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The Red Talon Daybreak FOB is one of six home sites located in Trumbull Valley. It is one of the medium bases of the map, located on the north-western part of the map.

"Red Talon used to run serious military ops out of this location. Something big and scary must have chased them out, because the place is in shambles now."


The base has 13 facility slots in total: 7 small outdoor, 5 small indoor, and a large slot.

Built-In Facilities

Open Slots

  • 1x Large Slot


Default Layout of Red Talon Daybreak FOB

The Red Talon Daybreak FOB is a former Red Talon outpost. It's built around the ferris wheel in the Fairgrounds and has unique built-in versions of all 5 Daybreak facilities.

The base perimiter is built from a modular wall system, similar to the one used during Daybreak. There are 2 entry points: A metal door on the north and another one on the south side. There's also an escape wall on the east and west side. Defending this base is a breeze - there are no weak points, so the zeds only attack through the doors. Ferals can climb the escape walls, but they usually take the door too. You can also shoot through the walls, there are multiple shooting platforms, and 95% of the zeds seem to attack from the parking lot, so you only need to defend one side really.

Most of the facilities are on the ground level. The Storage and Command Center are found below the ferris wheel, the CLEO Relay is next to them. The large slot is in the opposite corner, while the Bunkroom, Workshop, and Officer Quarters are found next to each other under a roof. The Locker is in the middle of the base.

Climbing the roof above the Bunkroom/Workshop/Officer Quarters you'll find the Red Talon Watchtower and the Looted Supply Drop.

You can find all 4 Parking spots on the north side.


  • 5 Survivors
  • 1500 Influence (750 in Green Zone)

Trivia & Notes

  • You can get a free Red Talon Contractor through this base! When trying to rewire the Workshop Chavez will introduce you to a Red Talon Demolitionist, who can be recruited after the mission.
  • Since the zeds tend to attack from the parking lot's direction during sieges your vehicles are not safe from your community members' shooting.
  • Using the Relay only costs Influence in this base, however the CLEO Fire Support provided by the Watchtower is still 125 Prestige per call.