State of Decay 2 Wiki

Rucksacks are items which contain Resources. They must be delivered to your home site's Storage Facility to allow your community to use its contents for crafting, building, consuming, etc. Each Resource has several rucksacks; all of these have a set amount of units of the resource they will give you upon depositing them.


  • You can only carry one rucksack at a time (it has its own slot in your inventory).
  • They can be stored in your vehicles' trunk to bring home more than one from your supply run.
  • Rucksacks can be broken open, however it's not recommended. The items you'll receive from breaking them open will only worth a fraction of the value you'd get by delivering it to your base.
  • The weight of the Rucksack can tell the amount of resources it holds.

Food Rucksacks

R Food.png

Food rucksacks weighing 8 lbs will contain 3 units of Food (5 units in Green Zone).

  • Bundle of Juice Concentrate - Delicious vitamin-delivery system. Better with water.
  • Case of Cooking Spirits - The alcohol cooks out, but the flavor reminds us of the old world.
  • Case of Honey - A source of sweetness that never spoils. Folks will be happy to see this.
  • Package of Snack Food - Chips, crackers, and popcorn. Quick, easy energy.
  • Sack of Coffee Beans - Not the most nutritious food item, but you'll appreciate this the next time you pull a double shift guarding the wall.
  • Sack of Corn - Subsidized staple of the Western diet.
  • Sack of Potatoes - Boil 'em. Mash 'em. Stick 'em in a stew.
  • Sack of Rye - A hearty cereal grain.
  • Sack of Wheat - Chaff-free. Contains gluten, however.

Food rucksacks weighing 10 lbs will contain 4 units of Food (6 units in Green Zone).

  • Case of Canned Goods - Concentrated soups and vegetables, packaged to last.
  • Case of MREs - Food designed to survive, and sometimes cause, apocalyptic events.
  • Case of Packaged Dinners - Long-lasting meals that anyone can cook.
  • Package of Dried Meat - Tough and salty, but it lasts a long time.
  • Sack of Mystery Meat - It smells a little odd, but it's definitely meat.
  • Sack of Oatmeal - Edible when boiled. Marginally edible as cookies.
  • Sack of Preserved Foods - Food keeps you going. Running out will cause morale and stamina issues you won't soon forget.
  • Satchel of Flour - Good for making bread, biscuits, and cakes. Mmm, cake.
  • Satchel of Rice - An enormous bag of rice, packaged for long-distance shipping.

Meds Rucksacks

R Meds.png

Meds rucksacks weighing 8 lbs will contain 3 units of Meds (5 units in Green Zone).

  • Bag of Medicinal Herbs - Only legal to grow in certain places, because of their potent properties.
  • Case of Disinfectant - Good for cleaning wounds and fighting infection. The non-walking-around kind, that is.
  • Case of Vitamins - Good preventative medicine. This might keep everyone a little healthier for a while.
  • Package of Chemical Cleaners - Half of good medicine is sanitation. You can't survive without it.
  • Satchel of "Traditional" Medicine - A variety of exotic herbs and distillations, known for their beneficial health effects for thousands of years.
  • Set of Medical Tools - Good clean scalpels and syringes are difficult to find.

Meds rucksacks weighing 10 lbs will contain 4 units of Meds (7 units in Green Zone).

  • Bag of EMT Supplies - Includes sutures, surgical tape, burn cream, antiseptic towelettes, and boxes of rubber gloves.
  • Bundle of Over-the-Counter Drugs - Basic cough, cold, and headache medicine. Good for aches and pains.
  • Case of Medical Gear - Know exactly what's going on inside the patient with an EKG or an ultrasound.
  • Package of Prescription Drugs - Controlled substances that could really mess you up. Seek a doctor's advice... if you can.
  • Package of Splints - Heavy-duty gear for treating serious injuries.
  • Sack of Medical Supplies - Meds let your survivors recover from injuries and other maladies.
  • Stash of Stolen Prescription Drugs - Back in the day, carrying this around would've earned you jail time. Now we get to make our own rules.

Ammo Rucksacks

R Ammo.png

Ammo Rucksacks weigh 14 lbs and contain 6 units of Ammo (9 units in Green Zone).

  • Bag of Hunting Ammo - Ammo for hunting rifles and shotguns.
  • Bundle of Demolition Supplies - Thankfully, nothing here will actually blow up accidentally.
  • Bundle of Military Ammo Cans - Factory-packed military ammunition, never opened.
  • Bundle of Pyrotechnics - Designed to make a really loud bang, but can be repurposed in a variety of ways.
  • Sack of Ammunition - Ammo allows us to defend our home and ourselves.
  • Sack of Police Ammo - Police-issue ammunition, for basic service firearms and SWAT forces.
  • Sack of Scavenged Magazines - A huge pile of half-spent magazines, scavenged from the battlefield.
  • Stash of Civilian Ammo - Boxes of ammunition, once sold in department stores across America.
  • Stash of Powder and Primer - Basic ammunition ingredients, perfect for manufacturing whatever you need.

Materials Rucksacks

R Material.png

Materials Rucksacks weigh 12 lbs and contain 5 units of Materials (7 units in Green Zone).

  • Bag of Auto Parts - A wide variety of useful car bits.
  • Bundle of Carpentry Supplies - Finished hardwood, cabinet hinges, drawer pulls, and oh-so-many knobs.
  • Bundle of Pipes - From plumbing to tentpoles to head-smashers, our most versatile invention.
  • Compacted Fire Hose - A unique material useful for waterproofing, or pointing a lot of water in a direction.
  • Package of Duct Tape - The universal construction material. You could build your entire base from this.
  • Package of Lumber - Two-by-fours and nails, packed tight for easy transport.
  • Package of Quality Materials - The stuff they build really nice places out of, like museums and four-star hotels.
  • Roll of Canvas - Perfect for shelters, patches, and ties.
  • Roll of Carpeting - Who wants to stand on hard floors all day? It's the little things that make a difference.
  • Sack of Materials - Materials are used primarily for improving your base.
  • Set of Landscaping Supplies - Pavers, fencing materials, and the like.

Fuel Rucksacks

R Fuel.png

Fuel Rucksacks weigh 10 lbs and contain 4 units of Fuel (6 units in Green Zone).

  • Bundle of Biodiesel Cans - Once upon a time, we had the know-how to make fuel from simple plants. Maybe someday we will again.
  • Bundle of Jerry Cans - A bunch of small gas cans all strapped together.
  • Bundle of Premium Fuel Cans - Now that we're not paying for it, we can get the good stuff.
  • Bundle of Siphoned Fuel - Someone collected a bunch of gas in milk cartons and paint cans.
  • Bundle of Treated Fuel - The kind that cleans your engine while you drive. Allegedly.
  • Fuel Tank - Large portable fuel container for refilling a generator.
  • Propane Tank - Volatile and under pressure. Just like some people you know.
  • Sack of Cooking Oil - Old cooking oil can be reprocessed into usable fuel.
  • Sack of Fuel Cans - Fuel is primarily for powering vehicles and generators, though some facility actions use it too.