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Rusty Rosie’s, also known as the Fortified Truck Stop is one of five home sites located in Providence Ridge. It is one of the medium bases of the map, located in Hobson Falls, on the northern part of the map.

"Rusty Rosie's Roadkill Restaurant offers a badass Biker Kitchen, but the adjoining auto shop, the Salvage Beast, might be the true star of the show."


The base has 14 facility slots in total: 6 small outdoor, 6 small indoor, and 2 large slots.

Built-In Facilities

Open Slots

  • 1x Small Indoor Slot
  • 1x Small Outdoor Slot


Default Layout of Rusty Rosie's

Rusty Rosie's is an old roadside diner turned into a safe haven, fortified with anything people could find nearby, literally. It is superior but almost identical to the Wheelhouse Truck Stop base.

The base consists of the diner and the Salvage Beast Auto Works next door. Most of their perimeter was built post-Outbreak, using I-beams and metal sheets, shipping containers, and even semi-trailers. On the western side you can still find the original chain link fence of the auto works. There are 2 entry points: a metal door in the front and another one in the back. During sieges the zeds tend to prioritize these for breaching, but be aware! They can also climb the slide gate infront of the car lift. You can also climb almost anything around the base to use as a shooting platform: The roof of the diner, the containers, and the trailer in the front.

Entering the base from the front you'll find the Locker. To the right there's the Fuel Tank Watchtower, while to the left you'll find the Failed CLEO Drop, a small outdoor slot, and the Salvage Beast Auto Works. A car lift is also here. Since it has a roof over it the base screen shows an indoor area in its place. Because of this a lot of players initially think it's an empty slot, however it's only cosmetic and can't be demolished.

The diner has two entrances in the front and a service entrance in the back. Entering from the front you'll find yourself in the dining area - here are the two Seating Areas and the small indoor slot. The Biker Kitchen and the Storage is in the back. The Kitchen's distillery equipment is in a small room next to the facility. The Command Center is in a small garage on the side of the diner.

You can find all 4 Parking spots by the road, infront of the base.


  • 4 Survivors
  • 1000 Influence (500 in Green Zone)

Trivia & Notes

  • The base has the following text next to the front entrance: All bikes were sent to Oregon, so don't ask! - Rosie♡ This line serves a double purpose:
    • It's an easter egg referring to the game Days Gone.
    • It's also a funny but serious statement from the devs, answering the countless requests from the community about adding motorbikes to the game.