This page was made to inform you - the readers of this Wiki - about the things that need to be done on the Wiki to make it better. (last updated: August 31, 2020)

Placeholder pages

5 Pages (1.2% of all pages) - These pages are only placeholders. They're either placeholders for new content we plan on creating for the wiki, or placeholders created a long time ago but we didn't manage to fill the pages yet.

Pages under development or being overhauled

82 Pages (19.76% of all pages) - These pages are currently under development or going through an overhaul.

Pages waiting for an overhaul

38 Pages (9.16% of all pages) - These pages are outdated, incorrect, missing information, or just need to be overhauled/cleaned up to look good.

Pages waiting to be revised

14 Pages (3.37% of all pages) - These pages have useful information, but they're not necessarely accurate or up to date, or just need some work to look better.

Pages considered up to date

250 Pages (66.27% of all pages) - These pages are considered up to date, but it doesn't mean that all of them are complete.

Other Pages

1 Page (0.24% of all pages) - These pages don't fit into any of the categories above.

  • Ferals - This page will get deleted after the Zombie Types page gets overhauled. Every zombie and Freak will be covered on the overhauled page, so there will be no need for individual pages for each.
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