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The Tranquility Factory is one of six home sites located in Trumbull Valley. It is one of the medium bases of the map, located in West Marshall, on the south-western part of the map.

"Once a monument to capitalist production, this factory now produces peace and calm instead of cheap widgets."


The base has 14 facility slots in total: 7 small outdoor, 5 small indoor, and 2 large slots.

Built-In Facilities

Open Slots

  • 2x Small Outdoor Slot
  • 2x Small Indoor Slot
  • 1x Large Slot


Default Layout of Tranquility Factory

The Tranquility Factory is an old abandoned factory turned into a place of peace and serenity. Well, as long as there are no zeds crashing the party.

1/3 of the base perimeter is the factory's wall, the other 2/3 is a makeshift wall, partly built from the ground up, while on the east side the original stone wall was raised. The walls are high and the Factory windows are barred, so zeds can only get inside through the gates. There are 4 entry points: Two wooden doors on the north - one leading into the factory and the other into the yard. Another wooden door is on the east, and the last entrance is a ladder in the back, leading up to the Meditation Garden.

The Rusty Machinery, the large slot, and the two small outdoor slots are in the yard next to and behind the factory. The Meditation Garden is also here, on top of a metal structure. The Locker is outside as well, facing the side entrance. Entering the base from the same side you'll find yourself between the two small indoor slots. The incinerator is in the middle of the base, in a small room, while the storage is in the western end of the factory.

The Command Center is above the Incinerator room. There's also a platform inside the base, giving you a limited line of sight on attackers coming from the north.

You can find 2 Parking spots north of the yard and 2 on the east side.


  • 5 Survivors
  • 1000 Influence (500 in Green Zone)

Trivia & Notes

  • This Factory was Diana's home in Heartland, which might explain why it became such a colorful base. There's no evidence on whether she was involved or not in turning it into what it is now however.