Regular Zombies

The standard enemy type, zombies come in both walking and crawling variants. They are typically slow making them easy to kill or avoid as needed. Their danger comes when they form into a cohesive group known as a horde. These groups can quickly drain a player of stamina trying to fight them off, and are often difficult to escape.


Armored Zombies

Members of the military or police S.W.A.T. units that have turned will often be found with bullet resistant helmets and armored gear that makes shooting them at range a challenge. A sufficient number of shots to the head will knock off their helmet, meaning a quick headshot will end them.Using a .50 caliber will negate the protective armour they wear and kill them no matter where the shot lands on them. Often, it may be simpler to eliminate them with melee attacks (blunt and heavy weapons work best here) or a stealth execution.


Plague Zombies

A new addition to the State of Decay universe born from the added Plague Hearts, plague zombies have glowing red eyes, pustules covering their red skin and a slight change in how they sound. Scratches and bites from plague zombies can infect your survivor with the Blood Plague. Repeated attacks will further the progression of the disease, eventually resulting in your survivor becoming a plague zombie themselves, if left untreated.



Grey-skinned, balding zombies with no arms and no lower jaw, screamers have evolved the ability to emit a high pitched scream that will attract the attention of nearby zombies while also briefly stunning humans close to it. One or more screamers are generally found in each infestation, along with several standard zombies. Though not especially dangerous on their own, screamers can complicate encounters with other zombies and freaks. Note that in Heartlands, they can become Plague Screamers.



Seen as tall, pale-green skinned zombies with bloated bellies, bloaters will typically explode when in close proximity to humans, releasing a lingering toxic cloud that quickly saps health. They can often be found lying in wait on the ground or walking along either within crowds of zombies or alone. If you encounter a bloater while in a vehicle, the released cloud of gas can fill up the cabin of the vehicle, forcing you to bail out in order to escape the toxic effects. Once the cloud within your vehicle dissipates, you can safely re-enter and continue on your way. Note that a shot to the belly will rupture and kill a bloater, a shot to the legs will cause it to trip and fall, releasing its gas, and a shot to the head will cause it to fall to the ground quietly and release gas slowly and harmlessly (unless a player/NPC approaches it, of where it will explode) . An incendiary (such as a molotov) is often the best way to deal with these freaks, as the flames will then burn away the toxic cloud. if in close proximity to a standing bloater, they will run at you before exploding. If you manage to outrun the Bloater, it will fall over and explode. Note that in Heartlands, they can become plague bloaters.



Harder than the standard zombie, Ferals are also incredibly agile, being able to run on all fours. They are fast enough to run down and tackle a sprinting human and will often dodge attempts to shoot them. Their presence is typically announced by their signature guttural roar. The best ways to get rid of a feral are either a headshot (the Blood Plague variant with require two headshots) or by running it down with a vehicle, but due to their agility this will require practise as they will often jump out of the way, a viable strategy when using a vehicle is to allow the Feral to latch onto one of the doors and smash them on the side of a wall or pole. Note that in Heartlands, they can become plague ferals.



Toughest of the freaks to remove, Juggernauts take a considerable amount of firepower in order to faze them. In combat they will pick a target, roar and then charge in their direction with the intent of either trampling their prey or delivering a powerful swing. Juggernauts can also grab a survivor and (if you aren't able to stop them in time) rip him or her in half. When they are nearing death they will kneel down allowing you to instantly kill them from behind using a grapple and attack combo. A headshot while they are in this downed state will also kill them. Note that in Daybreak and Heartlands, they can become plague juggernauts. Plague juggernauts will emit piles of Blood Plague residue when preforming their ground pound attack that will stun characters and infect them.


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